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DOGS – between instinct and affection

Drawing, Object, Painting, Photography, Prints and Sculpture - 7.7. to 18.8.2024, Thu-Sun. 11:00-13:30 and 14:30-17:00 and by appointment

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Gruppenausstellung DOGS

The following lectures will take place:

Friday, 12.7. at 19:00: Prof. Ottmar Hörl: Der Kunstmarkt und die Kunst

Thursday, 18.7. at 19 Uhr: Dagmar Wolf-Heger: Wolf & Natur – Wolfsnatur

Thursday, 8.8. at 19 Uhr: Axel Schöber: KI – zwischen Reizüberflutung u. Innovation

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The documentation on the Kunstommer Burg Wertheim orbits - for example 2019 and 2020, the art competitions ‚ART-spanner - Edition 1 and Edition 2‘, ‚ARTor-Wand' and the themed exhibitions ‚Mythos Boot-Neu betrachtet‘, ‚In motion - aus dem Leben der Boote' and ‚Durchblicke' are also currently being revised.

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